1. Can I choose custom leather, lining and hardware?

    Yes you can! If you are interested in ordering a custom bag, please contact me. We will work together to help you choose your perfect bag. 

  2. Are there more leather colours available?

    Yes! Please contact me to inquire about whether your chosen leather colour is available.

  3. What does your monogramming look like?

    Depending upon the project, I either use stencils and paint or an embroidery machine to add monogramming or personalization to a bag.  Your options are endless. Please contact me to find out more about custom monogramming.

  4. How long will take for me to receive my custom bag?

    Depending upon which materials you choose and what components I have in stock, you may have to wait up to 6 weeks for your custom bag.  I will be as specific as possible when you place your order.

  5. What happens if my bag breaks or needs to be repaired?

    I offer a lifetime guarantee on all of my products. Please contact me so we can arrange to have your bag repaired.